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by The Certificate in Online Business - Deborah M. Collier


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The Certificate in Online Business  - Deborah M. Collier
The Certificate in Online Business - Deborah M. Collier
President & Chief Information & Marketing Officer- The Certificate in Online Business

Deborah Collier is the founder of The Certificate in Online (COB) - COB Certified Manager Series of Programs which she established in 2008, teaching public and on-site classroom courses to well-known organisations around the globe. After years of perfecting them in a classroom environment, and leading a team of expert trainers,strategists and consultants, she then devised and authored the self-study and e-learning only versions.

Deborah is a recognised expert in e-business, e-commerce and marketing, and is listed in the 'Top 100 Most Influential Chief Marketing Officers in the World'. A leading digital business and marketing leader, during her career she has helped both SME's and large international organisations around the globe, providing leadership, consulting and strategic planning for digital business, marketing, and online selling.

The learning she delivers to you in this program was devised from hands-on experience of planning and implementing e-business solutions and e-commerce stores, as well as conducting successful digital marketing.

This course is continually updated with the latest information, monitored and accredited by The Certificate in Online Business Examination Council

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